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To be immersed in any enveloping medium (usually a liquid) to the height of one's penis. The absolute point of no return.
Kerri: Aw, the water is so chilly. Let's go back to the beach chairs.
Jake: Fuck that shit. I'm already dick deep.
by Babyspookysexy August 26, 2009
To be deeply involved in a sexual situation.
Valerie: Hey Matt, are you busy right now?
Matt: Yeah Valerie, I'm dickdeep in Asian pussy. I'll txt you when I'm done.
by CanadaATL September 02, 2010
(adj): A location, such as a party or club, that has a much greater amount of males then females.
"No way! I'm not going in there, its Dick Deep!"
by Alex H Walton January 09, 2010
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