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The greatest defensive player in NFL history. Butkus played linebacker for the Chicago Bears and won the Heisman trophy when he was in college. Probably his greatest accomplishment came when he was voted the greatest defensive player of the 20th century.
Dick Butkus favorite hobby..............
by Snick and Fsquirrel June 04, 2006
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The Dick Butkus, named after what many people term the best football player ever, is a close kin of the Dirty Sanchez. After performing anal sex, the man uses his "mud pencil of love" to craft eye black under each of his partner's eyes thus enabling her to reduce the glare on the field of play. This move is a must for sports fans everywhere... a perfect companion for any football and/or baseball season!!!
I have always been a fan of hardhitting linebackers, so giving Pam the Dick Butkus last night just felt natural.
by Iameister October 12, 2006
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actually pulled off of ESPN Closed Captioning. Obviously after anal fucking your significant other, you then pull your cock out and come on her face and right after she sucks the remaining jizz off your cock.
"I was fucking Betty last night, but the big surprise was the Dick Butkus I received when I pulled out to come on her tits."
by joe1967 December 06, 2007
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