Top Definition
To bend one's penis at a 90 Degree angle either by accident or on purpose for the ability to fuck around corners.
"I have stealthfully fucked your girlfriend by using my super human Dick Bending skills"
by Billy Hornet December 06, 2008
One who tries to accomplish something, but fails in a spectacularly idiotic manner.
Guy 1: "Why won't my car start? I think it's broken brah."

Guy 2: "That's cuz you're in park, ya dickbender."

Guy 3: "Damn you're dickbending all over the place man."
by Dennis Bottnem January 01, 2013
A Mind blowing Explosion of awesomeness Colliding into Pure Epic DopeSauce!

Created By BK in the Lounge on 5/17/2012
"That guy's Afro is totally Dick-Bending, I wish I had like that!"
by The Ultimate Hatter May 17, 2012
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