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dickthirty is the time at which no human being should be up. dickthirty is generally any time before 5. waking up at dick thirty is normally characterized by bloodshot eyes, questioning your mental standing, and but not limited to non-stop pounding on the nearest snooze button
man my shift starts at 5 AM, I better start my alarm clock for dick thirty
by Daxter286 November 24, 2011
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from the latin; approximately thirty minutes after the point where you realize that you have had more to drink than thought humanly possible, and your genitalia makes an unexpected but welcome appearance.
"put your dick away!"
"but dont you know what time it is?"
by jason June 14, 2004
The time of the day when you need to get laid and it is absolutely necessary to have sex
I'm getting tired of just talking about it. Time to take your clothes of because its dick-thirty.
by givdoggy dog March 23, 2010
About thirty minutes after the realization that you've drank more than any human has any right to, and your genitalia unexpectedly makes and appearence.
What? It's dick thirty!
by Jizzmaster J June 07, 2004
the act of putting your dick around your wrist as if it was a watch.
dude: "hey what time is it?"

guy: (pulls a dick thirty) "its dick thirty!!"
by dudes you can trust July 25, 2008

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