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1)An individual who is a complete and total subject of the male genetalia, one who craves the precences of dick in their being with a readieness to insert it in their mouth.

2)One whom loves dick and is a total fag stick.

3) A little bAby back bitch thats pissing you off and is being a little ass muffin.
GOD dawm! you fucking ass mucher! ahhhh stop being such a little dick slave and lay off my wang!

man joeys a little bitch ass dick slave, he just wont stop breathing over my angry beaver.
by Amothar February 14, 2007
Dick Slave - A person who slaves his/her Dick, aka, beating the meat, or jacking off.
Hey Sean Get the fuck out of the bathroom and stop being a dickslave!
by Hemispherical June 12, 2006
money garnished or payed out from pay check for child support leaving hardly nothing left over for the baby daddy.
u can see them on the maury show. baby daddy .he became a slave to his dick when he failed to use protection.therefor he is a dick slave and will be in dick slavery until the child grows up.
by ms.gina p December 07, 2010
(n); A person who is a total douche bag or an assface.
"Chad calls people Dick Slaves!"
by MF Doom May 27, 2006

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