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Similar to that of a douche bag.

The act of making yourself look stupid, while attempting to look cool. Usage of internet words in a place where such words are looked down upon.

To degrade others to make yourself look cool, often in an audience where people don't know who you are.

Literally, a wagon, but with dicks on it.
"OMG, I am going to switch teams next time, cuz you guys suck, WTF"

"Hey there, Jimbo, don't be such a dick wagon."
by Irbster2 February 07, 2008
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A person that is a dick and talks shit about everyone, including his girlfriend!
Man he talks so much shit about her, hes a dick wagon.

Daniel Shaw is a Dick Wagon.
by MyMilkShakesAreBetter October 19, 2010
Someone who is a homosexual to an extreme, where they carry people's dicks around all day.
Oh my god, Jeff is such a fucking dickwagon
by Cale Middleton June 06, 2007
When someone has taken so much dick that it follows them around like a wagon full of dicks
You see Sally last night? Yeah but she has a dick wagon
by kylie dempsey January 31, 2015
dik-wagun -noun

1. An insult directed to a person used to describe their stupidity.

2. The descriptive terminology to identify a homosexual in a vulgar way.
1. I can't believe John stole his dads car, he's such a dickwagon!

2. He's so gay and likes so much cock in the ass, he might as well be the community dickwagon.
by jamiethompsonca March 17, 2010
1) Any vehicle being driven by or transporting an asshole.

2) Any vehicle being operated in an irresponsible manner (i.e., road rage, no signals, driving too slow, erratically, etc.).

3) Any vehicle displaying the Union Jack.

4) Any vehicle burning large amounts of oil and generating clouds of smoke.
Jesus! That old black lady nearly got creamed by that dickwagon! I think he tried to hit her on purpose!

I can't see a goddamn thing thanks to that dickwagon! There goes the ozone layer!
by The Ghost of Tas the Knife May 20, 2010
A man or Hermaferdite whose penis looks like a red flyer wagon. the sides look as if they are squished like a banana; rounded at the edges and triangular at the head of it.
Mike The Situation is on the outside but hes a total queef nugget and has a Dick Wagon.
by Jake Thompson 1 December 14, 2010

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