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Similar to that of a douche bag.

The act of making yourself look stupid, while attempting to look cool. Usage of internet words in a place where such words are looked down upon.

To degrade others to make yourself look cool, often in an audience where people don't know who you are.

Literally, a wagon, but with dicks on it.
"OMG, I am going to switch teams next time, cuz you guys suck, WTF"

"Hey there, Jimbo, don't be such a dick wagon."
by Irbster2 February 07, 2008
Someone who is inept and void of common sense.

One who is clueless in the art of sexual relations, often confusing a "bushy" female partner's pubic hair for her reproductive organ.

Literally, someone who twirls their pubes in moments of boredom.
Pube twirler examples
"Am I hittin the G' spot tonight Gertrude?"

"Uh, you're just repeatedly licking the lower portion of my belly button." - Pube Twirler

"I am so cool I just called that woman a dick wagon."

"Keven, don't be such a pube twirler."
by Irbster2 February 07, 2008
To talk about periods/menstrual cycles/being on the rag/bleeding from the cunt/earning your red wings.
"Dude, Charlie my girl was totally on the rag last week and blood was everywhere"

"Zip it, dick wagon, you're being a vaginal ventriloquist today"
by Irbster2 February 08, 2008

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