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I have no clue what it means, but it would make a great band name.
Jen's mom: WHAT?!?!?!
Jen: Dick taco, mom...I'm going to their show tonight. Get with the times.
by EmoreX January 02, 2010
The act in which a male places his penis in a hard shell taco, takes a photo then sends to everyone.
Did you get the picture of the dick taco last night? He really tore that taco shell up!
by Sub Sandwich June 11, 2012
A more creative way to call someone an asshole, P.O.S, or any other insult you can come up with
Dude, im not sure why you are being a dicktaco, but im going to junk punch you if you don't stop.
by Anabela Fenwitch April 07, 2010
A dick taco is a real silly asshole, an absurd Dickhead. or a totally useless, incompetent asshole
That meter cop is a real dick taco; he gave me a parking ticket when I was a minute late.
by Bunanator November 08, 2007