To overly love anything new, just because it's the "cool" thing of the month or just something that people are into at the time.
KD: Wow, Dan is totally dick riding K'Naan he got him as his background and repeatedly sends me youtube links to songs I put him on to.

JD: Yea and just last month he wouldn't shut up about that Drop The World song

AD: Haha yea and before that he loved trying to up the droid in any conversation because he got an iPhone for Christmas. Dick Rider
by Brat Hoe March 02, 2010
tailgating someone really hard leaving no room in between cars
Jenny rear ended the car in front of her cause she was dick riding way too close.
by cwen87 January 18, 2011
To continuously comment on or talk about another person for no reason or with no purpose
Ben: Damn you always biting your nails

Sean: Cuz why you always Dick riding

Anthony: This term is being horribly over used at Cranbrook-Kingswood High School
by BigDaddyYoMamma April 12, 2010
another term for screen cheating in a video game, specifically call of duty. looking at another player's screen to see where he or she is on a map, and cutting them off with your weapon already aimed so the opposing player has no chance to defend himself. blatant cheating, a pussy move, usually done by fags who aren't good enough at the game to win by playing normally.
"Mike, how the fuck did you know I was coming around that corner? You're dick riding so hard right now."

"Stop dick riding you pussy."
by jayfraykid March 01, 2010
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