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Commonly used when two guys or friends are arguing and one friend brings up a point to counter his friend point, but in theory it is just a stupid and or irrelevant point.
Steve: Do you ahve any enemies? what about the guys you jipped on the deal..

Joe: How did you know about that!?! Well what about you and not going to help Bob in the bad deal he made?

Steve: This is no time for dick measuring, who did you do a bad deal with....
by iPr4nk July 06, 2009
When to men are talking, and one trys to one up the other by bragging.
Bill: Ok I shot sniper 1 down and am working on 2.
Ted: Well I killed that one guy back there, remember?
Bill: Now's not the time for Dick Measuring!
by jlong17543 August 02, 2009