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When the tip of your penis has lint from your underwear on it.
"lets Fuck"
"Hold on let me pick of the dick lint on my penis"
by TheMidSizeCheese July 10, 2008
The ultimate insult surpassing any other insult derived from body parts and/or objects inserted into or used on body parts for various purposes, such as "douchebag" "asshole" or "cunt bucket" There is nothing more degrading than being called the accumulation of underwear fuzz, sweat, urine, pre-ejactulatory fluid, and pubic hair on the tip of someones dick.
"Fuck off you fucking dicklint!"

person A: "you're a skank ass whore!"

person B " well you're a shitty dicklint!"
by Babakism January 19, 2010

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