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1. Someone who had a Hospital dedicated to him in Grand Rapids, MI.

2. A excuse to say dick without your mom smacking you in the face.
Definition 1 example:

Hay, you have money! We'll dedicate this building to you!!
(That's the westside for you)

Definition 2 example:

Friend 2: Big Boss (from MGS series games) sucks ass!

Friend 1: Fuck you bitch! Big Boss pawns Solid Snake, with his fake clone ass! It just dont get better then the real deal bitch!

Friend 2: Please, thats why they cloned Big Boss, he wasn't cool enough!

Friend 1 mom: (Walks in)

Friend 1: Uhh, quit being a Dick Devos! (whispers to friend 2....biiitttchhhh!)

Friend 1 mom: What did you say, Dick Devos? Oh, I had some good times with him in the back of that 69' charger (drools, then walk's out and goes in the bathroom)

Friend 1: Now, let's get this straight, Solid Snake sucks ass OK, they call him solid snake because that's what he sucks!

Friend 2: I saw you pull that Dick Devos!
by majorhawke June 24, 2011

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