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1. Someone who had a Hospital dedicated to him in Grand Rapids, MI.

2. A excuse to say dick without your mom smacking you in the face.
Definition 1 example:

Hay, you have money! We'll dedicate this building to you!!
(That's the westside for you)

Definition 2 example:

Friend 2: Big Boss (from MGS series games) sucks ass!

Friend 1: Fuck you bitch! Big Boss pawns Solid Snake, with his fake clone ass! It just dont get better then the real deal bitch!

Friend 2: Please, thats why they cloned Big Boss, he wasn't cool enough!

Friend 1 mom: (Walks in)

Friend 1: Uhh, quit being a Dick Devos! (whispers to friend 2....biiitttchhhh!)

Friend 1 mom: What did you say, Dick Devos? Oh, I had some good times with him in the back of that 69' charger (drools, then walk's out and goes in the bathroom)

Friend 1: Now, let's get this straight, Solid Snake sucks ass OK, they call him solid snake because that's what he sucks!

Friend 2: I saw you pull that Dick Devos!
#dick devos #grand rapids #dick #mgs #metal gear solid #big boss
by majorhawke June 24, 2011
1. Nitrous oxide (or NOS), a bottle of N2o that people are to sorry to admit are only used to be put on badass cars to make them go a extra 30 to 50mph when the idiots crash into a wall and has to look good, but hay, I use it for my Supra (which is not a fart rice because it is actually as fast as it looks, ricers have them look fast, but they really go slower then the stock version because they tried to tune it from their "inner street racing knowledge").

2. a bottle that 34% of the time is used to be put on fart rice (big difference between ricer car and import car). And when it is equipped, the ricer realizes it's empty because he bought it from the corner store as a drinkable liquid thats called NOS.
Ricer guy: Yeah I need some Nos

corner store guy: Oh, you want NOS Ehh, I got it right here

Ricer guy: Oh, well here's a dollar

corner store guy: No, this cost 5 dolla for 2 liter

Ricer guy: Damnit, I'll just take a small shot

corner store guy: Okay, that 3 dolla and 50 cent

Ricer guy: What!

Corner store guy: Oh sorry, you said SHOT of NOS, here you go 2 dolla

Ricer guy: That couldnt even speed up my hot wheels car!!

Corner store guy: Just getta fuck outta my store!!
#corner stores #nos vs. nos #energy drink #car turbo #tt #supra turbo #import not fart rice
by majorhawke June 14, 2011
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