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an expression describing only a partial participation in a given activity. A substitute for the expression "I dabble" and is often used facetiously.
Nigel - Yo Giorge, do you play soccer?
Giorge - I dibble dabble.
by Koss February 28, 2013
Intense water game involving a small stick. One player deposits the stick in the water by either:

A.) holding it in his or her hand and diving to the bottom and letting go
B.) putting the stick between his or her toes, jumping in, and letting go at the bottom

The other players wait on the dock until they see the stick. When a person sees it, her or she must yell dibble dabble before attempting to get the stick. Whoever gets the stick is the winner, and then must be the one who deposits the stick in the water ("takes it down").

Points are rewarded for each successful retrieval of the stick.
A-"I got it!"
B-"Yeah, but you didn't say dibble dabble, so you don't get a point!"
by young jeffeezy December 04, 2006
1) When a girl performs fellatio (often sloppy) on a guy sometimes resulting in swallowing/spitting/ and/or slurping.
1) "That girl gave Mike so much dibble dabble he busted his nut all over her chin."
2) "How was the dibble dabble? A little toothy but still good"
by MikeyD. September 04, 2009
when you record a song/ mixtape by playing a beat in the background and rapping into the mic on your computer. this usually comes with free beats from youtube and a terrible quality microphone
1. when crizzy did proof 1 he dibble dabbled the entire mixtape by playing shit beats and rapping over them. the quality due to this dibble dabbling was shit.

2. when Mc lav recorded the song dibble dabble he dibble dabbled the whole thing and it came out like shitt.
by some fresh ass guido January 09, 2010
A beer with a small amount of vodka added.
Grab me that bottle of vodka. Im gonna have a little dibble dabble.
by winkedmusic November 19, 2007

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