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Traditionally, diaper service is a service that provides all of the laundering needs and care of baby cloth diapers used in ones home, for a weekly or monthly fee.

Diaper service is a business that dedicates itself to picking up wet and soiled cloth diapers from surrounding households in it's service area, then once all of the diapers are picked up, the diapers are brought back to a commercial or private facility or setting, and laundered in accordance to strict diaper service guidelines, policies, rules, and regulations.

Diaper service diapers are frequently tested for proper PH balance to help prevent diaper rash, and are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and 100% sanitized once serviced. Once the laundering and care process is complete, the freshly laundered diapers are folded, stacked, and delivered back to all of the households were the diapers originally came from, allowing the parents to reuse the diapers once again with confidence.

Diaper service eliminates the need for all of the rinsing, dunking, swishing, soaking, washing, and drying so many of us associate with the use of reusable home-laundered baby cloth diapers.

Diaper service, a service that provides busy mothers with an alternative to traditional home-laundered diaper washing and drying.
Mrs Smith carried the diaper pail out to the back porch of the house quickly, in preparation of the diaper service delivery truck stopping by.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. August 22, 2006
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