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A 'DiaBeezie' is often a shallow, brunette young woman. They tend to carry the following traits:

*Think they know better than you only because they have attended or graduated college.

*Don't think you could possibly know something if they do not.
*Are close minded and think any persons ideas are not as good as theirs.
*They think even calm drinking as a minor means you are reckless, and have a mental problem.

*Cries if a friend tries marijuana and, may not want to be friends with them after fact.
*Obsessive Compulsive
* Hypochondriac

*Your birthday is actually THEIR birthday
*Secretly jealous or intimidated by YOU & everyone else
*NOT street-smart
*Lack Common Sense
*Very insecure
*Very naive

*May have or develop an eating disorder
*Revolves only around her 'special' friends in which are usually apart of a sorority.
*Won't take pictures with you on her birthday unless you are apart of her sorority.
*Bad driver
*However insecure, is completely conceited.

*Pretty, full pout
*May have freckles
*Likes their hair short
*Typically very thin
*Repeats anything you tell them to their mom/gaurdian.
*Loves animals
*Loves milk
*Only makes the plans/won't go with your plans
*Loves to run
*Hates snake-doctors

*May try to rationalize her cheating ways
*Break, loose, or ruin their belongings - their parent or sugar daddy will always replace it.
*Oblivious to their actions and may see you as a bad friend.
Daughter: "MOM! Why does she think she's right all the time?"
Mother: "Don't mind her, she's probably just a DiaBeezie"

Some dude: "So what happend to that chick you held hands with?"
Dude: "Ah, nevermind her, she told me she had a boyfriend but said that it is okay to do because 'she's young'."
Some dude: " Ew, she sounds kinda a DiaBeezie"

Classmate: "So how was your bff's bday party??"
Lea: "She wanted me to be photographer. We didn't take one picture together."
Classmate: " *scoff* That girl is a total DiaBeezie!"
by Cute spottedpuppy July 17, 2011
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