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noun. An extremely volatile and epidemical virus that is rapidly spreading throughout high school football teams on the Eastern Seaboard. This is usually sexually transmitted, although it has been heard to spread from excessive friendlessness. Some symptoms include: a fiendish addiction to ravoli and spaghetti, dressing like a guido, lowering of the IQ by 15% or more, decrease in the amount of friends by tenfold, shirts that are 2-3 times too tight, a strong desire to lift heavy objects, the urge to teabag friends in their sleep, and a vampire like thirst for grabbing nutsacks. If you, or anyone you know is experienceing these symptoms, call your local DA (DiGiacolics Anonymous). Also, talking to a plate of raviolis is a sign that the disease is in its final phase.
Infected people can be heard saying the following:
"why are you grabbing my balls"
-"i think I have DiGiacomosis"
"I just got a body wax"
"I need more sauce on these ravilois"
"I dont understand why I bought this peacoat"
"ey ohh the dog wants some spaghetti"
"want to come over to my house and wear ballbags while we do plumbing work"
"ill show u mine if you show me urs"
"im not gay if I just did it once"
"stop squirming itll only take a second"
"is it warm enuf in hear for you or should i take off my thong and start the revolution"
by molested kid December 21, 2003
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