1)Dha-li-al: a punjabi last name
2)Dhali-wal: in punjabi a soupstirrer. Pertains to someone who does a lot of cooking or a is a gossiper.
That gurl talks about and makes up so much stuff, she must be a Dhaliwal.
by Haho March 10, 2006
Top Definition
The hottest lastname a Jatt can have.
See also: Jatt
His name was Rashpal Dhaliwal and he was extremely cool!
by Jasmine November 26, 2004
Beasts.....you mess with them they fuck you up. They are 100% of the Jatt Clan and they fear nothing except their moms.
Dhaliwal = Thuglife
by DhaliwalJatt February 18, 2011
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