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A somewhat derogatory definition coined by the British Bangladeshi diaspora community (hailing predminantly from the Greater Sylhet region of Bangladesh) to describe Non-Sylheti Bangladeshis from the other regions of the country, particularly the capital Dhaka.

In common usage 'Dhakaiya' describes recently arrived first generation Non-Sylhetis who are overly conscious of class, caste and prestige. Typically, Dhakaiyas have an over-inflated idea that they are better educated and 'cultured' than Sylhetis. This despite speaking 'but-but' Empire English circa 1945. Dhakaiyas also make great efforts to deny the Sylheti language it's due respect and insist it is only a 'colloquial dialect'.

Sociologists believe that this behaviour is in reaction to the fact that Sylhetis of the second and third generation tend to be comparatively well off and integrated into British society through their extended families. Thus creating insecurities for Dhakaiyas. In addition Sylhetis have created a vibrant Sylheti community in Britain, often unaccessable to Dhakaiyas. For example, ChannelS TV, Sylheti newspapers, mosques, community centres and airlines (Air Sylhet & Royal Bengal Tiger Airline).
Q: How many Dhakaiyas does it take to screw a lightbulb?

A: None. They are are all in Sylhet working in Sylheti expatriate hotels and shopping malls.
by Tariq Ahmed, May 30, 2007

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