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Dgafer is a sort of acronym for one who Don't Give a Fuck, thusly pursuing life in a manner of not caring about petty happening or matters of unimportance, leading a a free life.
Also a sort of pressure powered dildo punch device used to slowly torture women into ejaculating.
Why did you make out with Ryan and Andrew, you whore
Well i just don't give a fuck
oooh, you're a Dgafer, right on
by Cummy Poo April 20, 2011
One that tends to not particularly care what others think about them. One who rocks. Hard. :]]
Kid 1: Dude. Check that girl out. She's so amazing. SUCH a DGAFer.
Kid 2: Yeah. I know. I told her I thought she was out of line. She threw out a "DGAF!"
by Christy_Alicia September 21, 2007

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