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my gorgeous best friend who loves tackiness and brightens the world by loving the things that other people dont take the time to appreciate. i *heart* her.
none, cause that would mean there was someone else like her and there's not!
by mandee March 26, 2005
A very beautiful girl, mostly with a broken heart. She is normally smiling, Hiding her pain is normally what she does. She is very bright, and has a lot of friends. She is normally standing with her bestfriends, crushing on cute boys. She is a very shy girl, but very outgoing.
Wow, look at her! She's such a Dezirae!
by Littlebittie December 27, 2011
Meaning someone so lazy, they lay in bed all day doing absolutely nothing.
"Look at that girl, shes such a Dezirae"
by Imnotadezirae July 29, 2013