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(pronounced "Dexy (like sexy)-slop-slaugh-punk")

Stands for "Dirty and Sexy but Sloppy Sloppy Drunk." Occurs when the girl you've been eyeing up at a bar or party crosses over into that place where all her inhibitions are gone (GREAT!) but, unless you're drunker than she is, trying to hook up with her becomes a questionable, perhaps illegal, option (BOO!).
Guy 1: "Did you get to hook up with that girl you have a crush on from work last night at happy hour?"

Guy 2: "No, I waited too long to make my move and by the time I got up the courage to talk to her she was dexyslopslopunk - she was dancing on a table in a miniskirt with no panties and puking into an empty beer pitcher when I left."
by January 07, 2010
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