named after the Movie Series "Dexter"; the act of placing cellophane all over your apartment, or home, prior to having your marital partner shave your parts of, or entire, body; the purpose of this is so that not piece of hair falls onto your carpet or flooring.
He is in the routine of dextering his apartment prior to having woogie shave his body or give him a haircut.
by The Angry Azian May 22, 2009
Top Definition
The act of bonding over the creepy Showtime series Dexter and its Robin Hood-esque serial killer.
Breanna and Dan settled in for a long session of dextering, not knowing which guy Dexter would kill and which guy Deborah would sleep with.
by IceTruck October 24, 2011
A synonym for killing or murdering.
"That dog is in need of some dextering if it keeps barking!" or "Something is dextering our network speed; it's so slow!"
by geogon December 15, 2009
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