A director, editor, writer, and producer all in one.
I directed, edited, wrote and produced my own film, therefore I am a DEWP
by The Pretentious Film Majors March 10, 2011
Top Definition
A noise made by an audience member when an RNG is going off, such as Nightbot on Twitch, when there's a giveaway; an onomatopoeia that sounds like the big wheel on Price is Right.
Streamer: Time to dewp it up in chat!

Audience member 2: DEWP

Audience member 1: DEWP DEWP!

Streamer: and the winner is!
by Streah January 07, 2016
V. To have sexual intercourse, make love.
Joey and Sam dewped in StarBux's tent, so no one was able to sleep in it because it had sex juices all over.
by Brown Squad Manny June 09, 2011
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