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Usually a girl who likes sex, and plans on getting pregnant just so she can keep a guy. She also has many friends, but these friends only like her because she's that stupid and she doesn't comprehend that they actually dislike her. Devonique is also a type of girl who likes black guys. She's most likely to have a kid at a young age. She's also broke, but acts as though she has millions of dollars to spend. In the end she's pretty but a whore, funny but a retard, and ambitious but lazy.
Girl : Can I get a complimentary water?

McDonald employee: drive up to the next window please.

Girl drives up, but when she gets there the employee gives her free food.

Girl: grabs all the food the McDonalds employee gives her without question.

Girls Boyfriend : way to pull a devonique.
by The bestest friend ever November 02, 2012
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