a school where people who want to start shit do it by posting anonymous insults on a website, I guess not having any contact sports makes them afraid of a real confrontation
They also have a strange obsession with penises, especially the penises of guys at other schools
Devon thinks its sweet, but its just a bunch of circle jerking nerds
by Awesome-o March 04, 2005
the school for pussys who knew theyd get their ass kicked if they went to malvern
devon prep guys = pussys
by bitch March 21, 2005
Devon, Malvern, Doesnt matter you are both rich little rivals that cry if mommy and daddy dont get you EVERYTHING u wan. Why dont u go to Public school and see how bad ALL of u get ur asses kick, sorry you whiney little bitch pussies
Wow Malvern and Devon Prep are gay
by Upper Merion Highschool April 09, 2005
All I have to say is solli on the effa in ezekieling a bunch of holocaust victim disheased necks. According to my calculations, by the year 2007 your entire gay student population, aka everybody, will have died by the black monkey aids that you love giving to eachother. By the way, sta birdrationing your study time kids.
You get the memo wierdkids?
by Loot March 15, 2005

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