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A Devon lopez is a guy that is wanderful, amazing, really cute, stunning and is hilarious..! He super cute and charming, he's trust worthy and honest. Any girl lucky enough to have him will never want to let him go <3 he's goofy and makes plenty of funny jokes, he's like no other. He's not scared of what people will say he lives for himself and the ones he loves. He makes you smile all the time 24/7. Your always going to want to talk to him.. He makes you shy but you know that with him there's no reason to be.. When he kisses you, you won't ever want it to end.. When he says he loves you he means it..
He's a Devon Lopez..
Devon Lopez: your beautiful and I love you
Girl: I love you to but how do I really know you love me back?
Devon Lopez: because I can look up at the stars and match every one with a reason why I love you and that I love being yours
by In love with Devon Lopez January 12, 2012
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