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A high potency alcoholic drink consisting of strong lemonade and 190 proof Everclear grain alcohol.
Ten shots of Devils Piss and i can't walk...
by Jow Berkey May 19, 2013
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The Devils Piss is a concoction of alcohol. It consists on about a teaspoon of Smirnoff (4.8% alc lvl) About a tablespoon of 50 proof Vodka, a Tablespoon of 100 proof vodka, a teaspoon of Amsterdam vodka, and A tablespoon and a half of Crown Royal Whiskey. It will take about 3 small cups to get messed up. It is also a great addition to the game ring of fire
We need some Devil's Piss to set this party off Gerald
by Kaleb_C116 February 10, 2013
Devil's Piss, or D.P. for short, is a slang term for Bacardi 151, the most potent alcoholic beverage sold in the United States. 151 refers to the alcohol's proof, which is nearly double the 80 proof found in most vodkas and nearly four times greater than other 40 proof rums. Devil's Piss is 75.5% alcohol, and is flammable.

The drink is referred to as devil's piss because drinking the beverage without a chaser creates a ferocious burning sensation in the mouth and face, particularly in novice drinkers.
I'm about the go the the store and grab some D.P. The rest of ya'll gon' put in on this bottle?

I drank some of that Devil's piss last night and that shit had me twisted cuz!
by Precipitor July 29, 2009

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