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Noun - A real stark raving bitch , one who you would avoid at all costs. Not to be confused with satan , who is a complete pussy compared to the DEVILINE . She strikes fear into the hearts of complete cities and makes children cry at 100 paces . Her presence can be likened to a pissed off grizzly bear on steroids and PCP with a headache - but the bear is nicer. Her bullshit british accent is shrill enough to shatter glass and induce vomiting in a dead man. One encounter with her and you will wish you were dead.
I once worked for the deviline , it was the worst time of my life , every day after work I would go home and beat my wife and kids , then later at night I would go out , hire a hooker to beat the living shit out of me.
by Karli lover October 11, 2009
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