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Amazing band. Dez Fafara (vocals from Coal Chamber) is the frontman for this death metal band. They are nothing like Coal Chamber and are heavier than many bands that are actually good.
DevilDriver: Cry For Sky
by Innanova February 07, 2004
"DevilDriver" is the name witches give to the bells they use to drive away evil when casting their spells.
"DevilDriver" is the name witches give to the bells they use to drive away evil when casting their spells .
by Joe Y May 30, 2005
A metal band that started in 2002. Sometimes looked down upon due to vocalist Dez Fafara's previous affiliation with nu metal band Coal Chamber, although the two bands have their own unique sounds. Also known for starting large mosh pits, having repeatedly tried to get a Guinness World Record for largest mosh pit and getting rejected every single time.
Guy 1: I think I broke my arm in the mosh pit during the DevilDriver concert.
Guy 2: DevilDriver sucks. Their vocalist used to be part of a lame-ass mallcore band.
Guy 1: Dude, DevilDriver and Coal Chamber don't sound the same at all. F**k off.
by brandpanz February 22, 2010
An ancient "voodoo" like magic thing used to cast away witches.
Black Magic.
by Innanova February 07, 2004
A band confused adolescents believe to be death metal. In reality this band plays mallcore.
It's unfortunate that devildriver instead of Kataklysm is opening for Opeth. Let's go get some rocks to throw at them.
by q February 29, 2004
Death metal does not have hardcore breakdowns and crappy screaming you tards!
DevilDriver rips off Pantera's - amongst others - style. Pantera are also not a death metal band, but were way more talented than these mongoloids.
"Oh, you just started listening to metal last year?"
"Yeah, I like totally am into heavy shit like Avenged Sevenfold and DevilDriver! Those guys fucking tear it up!!"
"Oh, so you are a fucking homo?"
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