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Devil’s Thrown Welcome

Anyone that breaks any of the 10 Commandments on Earth, will live a
Lovely and Wonderful Life…only to find out that when they DIE, their
soul minds will receive a Devil’s Thrown Welcome, by being shown the
Devil’s Thrown by the Devil Himself…and will eternally sit on the
Devil’s Lap, on The Devil’s Thrown!!! Their soul minds will be seated
on the floor next to The Devil’s Thrown like a teacher’s pet!!!
Devil’s Thrown Hello
Satan 06/06/06 six six six
07/07/07 11th Floor

Devil's Thrown Hello are for soulless people, ruses, trick ruses (fake corrupted people), and plagiarists ( 11th Floor )...HEX

Their soul minds will all receive a Devil’s Thrown Hello
from the Devil Himself
by blthrskt November 28, 2009
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