The child of someone who is viewed as evil, or a no-do-gooder. This creates the illusion that the child is evil or bad as well.
P1: Who's that over there?
P2: Oh, thats the devil's spawn of Hitler.

*Both run away*
by Germa88 May 08, 2009
Top Definition
Someone who is pure evil; does evil things without reason. Ex:Bob Greenblatt, new programming head of Showtime.
DLM Fan 1:Why did Greenblatt cancel Dead Like Me?
DLM Fan 2:Because he's the Devil's spawn, that's why...
by ReaperAyane December 29, 2004
A person with true potential of becoming Satans right hand man causing pain and destruction with every moment creating a trail of fabulous blazing fire behind him.
The only reason I'm alive is because the Devil's Spawn hasn't found me yet!
by xXfusionXx March 02, 2015
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