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Like angel wings they are indeed scratches made by a girl during sex when you are on top, however you can only obtain devil wings if it is a one night stand.
Ben : Nice angel wings dude.
Tom : Hell no, I hit it and quit it. I'm rocking my devil wings today.
by devil's flyer August 20, 2009

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The formation of wing shaped figures around a person's mouth after eating out a woman on her period.
I was going down on this chick that was on the rag,and when I got done, I had devil wings
by lillian black March 29, 2004
Blood formations that form around the sides of the mouth after a man has eaten the box of a woman on the rag.
Johnny walked out of the teacher's lounge with huge dripping devil wings; it appears, his lover,0 Mrs. Bonanno was on her menstual cycle and he ate that snatch anyway
by Matthew Pryce January 20, 2004