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A Devenipple is a really cool girl. She likes playing Call of Duty and is especially good at Gun Game. A Devenipple also loves Family Guy. She can talk for hours on facebook chat. She usually stops you from doing important school work but you don't care because you would rather talk to Devenipple. All Devenipples are psychic and prove this by reading your mind and predicting what you are going to do/say.
Guy 1 - "Who's the coolest girl you know?"

Guy 2 - "it's gotta be Alex, she's such a Devenipple!"

Guy 1 - "Yeah, i know, she predicted how many fingers i was holding up the other day!"

Guy 2 - "Cool, i heard she won 30000 CoD points on Gun Game once!"
by musicstreamFTW April 04, 2011
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