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noun. a substitute for the word dude but is somebody whom you don't take kindly too


verb. the act of driving a cherry red beemer while singing the song "Popular" by Tyga
NOUN. "did that deut just say chuck a nade?"

" Yea hes really quite a deut"

" Is he sucking Josh's dick right now????"

" No looks like that deut is just cleaning josh's ass"

" That deut is soo gay"

VERB. "I was going to come over but that scrawny fag was deuting in front of your house with that terrible music."
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1) The action of having a nocturnal emission.

2) An emission from pleasure(often sexual)

Origin: the verb deut comes from the book of Deuteronomy(23:10).

Other forms of the word include: deuting & deuted
P1: Dude did you see how hot she was?
P2: Yeah man, she just made me deut myself.
by Rattastic September 26, 2010

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