Terrestrial mammal spending most of days sleeping or playing xbox with hands placed just under the waistband of his pants. May be recognized by its distinctive cough/yell mating call or its "ehhhhhhhhhhhh shit" call upon sitting.
Oh man, I just left a huge Detch in the toilet. Check it out, I bet it has AIDS.
by Chris Nease November 27, 2006
Top Definition
A universal word, the meaning of which is entirely dependent on the inflection used in its delivery.

First known use was in replacement of the word "yes" in reference to a stuffed hippo ("Is that your hippo?" "Detch!")
"Detch, look at that tee shot!"
(This works regardless of how the tee shot went, as long as the inflection is suitable to the emotion being communicated.)

Note: In Midwestern dialect, "detch" can also be combined with "monkeys", as in "That was detch monkeys awesome!"
by Point7Q July 29, 2010
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