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Not a bad person and the one who made the post dissing her needs to realize that she is such.

He has no right posting slander on a website like this.
"I love you Destinye!"
by KennethSuoh October 15, 2011
A girl who is prone to lying and is very easy to read and very easy to manipulate.
She is one who is very stubborn and thinks she is always right even though most of the time she is not.

More than likely if your are told by her that she loves you, it is a lie.
She is one who has been sexually active with more people than she let's on.
All in all she is a conceited harlot who puts on a "humble" and "innocent" face just to draw you in to her web until she is bored with you and then she will wrap you up and feed on you. She is without a doubt, a real black widow.
"I can't believe Destinye didn't listen to me. I told her that if she has one drink she'll have another and another and then she'll end up doing something she regrets. She denied my accusations but then two weeks later look what happens, she get's wasted and then raped! It's sad how I know Destinye better than she knows herself"
by Aiden Valentine February 04, 2010
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