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Okay; This girl is extremely cute! She knows what to tell you and will always be there for you. She craves for food at random times but you could get used to it! You will find that she is crazy and wacky and you will end up loving her .
Dang she is a destineeee . e$
by tatilovesroxy March 21, 2008
A girl who is intelligent, yet silly. A girl who is cold on the outside, yet warm and cuddly on the inside. A girl who tell her friends everything, yet she has many secrets hidden. A girl who is a great friend, yet a worthy advesary if you are not a friend of hers. A girl who is extremely sweet and innocent, yet she kicks someone's ass when necessary.
Destinee is awesome.
loser: yea, I toatally had a Destinee
Guy: im sure you did. now go and smoke some more crack.

h8nhoe: god. im SOOO glad im not a destinee
JoelCo: me too. if you were i wudnt be getting head from you wud I?
by JoelCo July 12, 2009
Destinee is the sweetest, most beautiful, caring, loving girl you will ever meet. She's trustworthy, honest, funny, smart, adorable, and has one of the best personalities you could ever find. She might be shy at first, but that just makes her even more adorable. She is so beautiful, so beautiful that she might not know herself her own amount of beauty. With a smile that could melt your heart, and also make you smile. With beautiful eyes, that you could get lost in and stare at for hours. Having a Destinee as your girl is the biggest blessing you could possibly have. It takes more then a lifetime of wishes to meet or much more to even have one in your life. Any guy would dream of having a girl like her. Never let her go, and always appreciate her. Always be with her, through good and bad, because the end result will always be worth it. Always treat her kindly, and she'll do the same. Always cherish the moments and talks you have with her. A day talking to her feels like a couple of hours just went by. She will always have you smiling. She's one of a kind. Unique in her own special way. Always love her, Forever and Always. Basically to sum all this up, people say that no one is perfect, but a Destinee can break that saying.
I just fell in love with Destinee!
by Leno414 August 10, 2012

Colourful creature... Always fun and sexy without trying.
Saying exactly what they mean is not her forte.
Stands out from the crowd, even in the rain. Just a sexy bishi
Guy: I knew a Destinee once
Dude: Yea? what happened?
Guy: Just what you'd expect. She shook up my world.
by Guysmeimguy July 12, 2009
A simple yet complex girl who is Beautiful inside and out. Her loving nature and kind hearted spirit tend to have an effect on the opposite sex.People usually gravitate toward her and some may be jealous because dayumm she's on top of her game. Basically; Destinee is fucken DOPE.-->you're just not on her level.
I wish I with a Destinee. Thats girls fyne
by coldG July 12, 2009 someone who cares about people beyond belief..she doesnt like to show it..shes my bestfriend even though i may not be hers...shes wounderful..loving..a joy to be around..destinee is someone i miss...someone that i pray to god he will bring her back in my life...destinee is someone i owe an apology to..destinee is someone i hurt...someone i just want to be bestfriends with again..someone i want to gain her trust back..someone i want to forgive me...someone who has half my heart..someone i want by my side..someone i miss more than anything..someone i love...someone worth fighting for..someone i love!
ME:please..lets start again destinee..i wont let you down..ive learned..
by fee fee fee July 20, 2011
Thy queen of sexy beasts. Not skinny not fat bick thicker than Kim Kardashians ass. Tends to go ham on any bitch that trys to fuck with her. She tends to be super freaky and flirty but it all pays of.
Damn nigga Destinee look sexyer every single day.
by sexxiebeast878 August 10, 2011
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