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A Dessert Cup is a highly popular sex act between two males of which at least one of the two men must have an uncircumcised penis. Creation of a Dessert Cup will often, but not always, accompany the equally popular act of schnoodling.

A Dessert Cup is created when an uncircumcised male lays on his back and with a flaccid or erect penis grips his member and pushes the excess skin upwards. Once the skin is up over the penis head, the foreskin creates a "cup like" reservoir. Depending upon the shape and contour of the "cup" the other male may assist by shaping the foreskin to create the best opening and depth to the "cup" as possible. Upon "cup" preparation, the other male then proceeds to jerk off to climax. Upon cumming, the male then angles and aims and drops his load into the waiting "cup" and fills it full of cum, semen, man juice, goo.

At this point, the "cup" may runneth over which is highly desired. The Dessert Cup may then be enjoyed by the other male through fellatio or may be enjoyed by both as a shared cup and eaten with a spoon or shared via snowball. Alternatively, the foreskin may be released and pushed down at which time the hot load creates a lovely cock ganache and when released from the cup is used as lubricant for the male to jerk off.
Dan and Barry spent the evening schnoodling each other but the highlight of the night was Dan's filling of Barry's Dessert Cup which he quickly engulfed and greedily enjoyed all to himself.
by Harry A. Nuss March 11, 2014
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