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The most amazing girl ever.!
Every guy wants her and every girl wants to be her.!

She will fuck your shit up.. so cool it.!!!
She is one of the realest girls you will ever encounter and dont call her fake. if you do that just proves you wish you were her.
Desirees have some of the most beautiful eyes and gorgeous smiles. Usually Brunette/Blonde.
Fun loving and is always the center of attention and life of the party.

Usually the class clown.

If you dont hang out with her... you should.!!!!
Haters gunna hate. C;
She usually will have H U G E boobs.
Desiree is also another word for DD/DDD boob sizes.
Guy: OMFG! Did you see the Desiree's on that girl!?!?!?!?
Girl: They are fake.
Guy: HOW DARE YOU HOE.!?!?!? *pimp slap*
by WoahBackUpHoe January 31, 2012
34 6
hot and sexy girl. they look really hot. Youd want to be with them forever and ever!!!!!!
that girl is desiree.

this is also a name.

all girls named desiree are like this:D:D:D
by Urban Dictionary July 05, 2006
1941 753
Typically a girl's name of French origin. Usually a brunette who has an amazing smile and a contagious laugh. Always a schnazzy dresser and amazingly fun. Extremely likable and this often makes you want to be in her circle. Above all...a straight up gangsta!
Desiree: Can I Kick It?!?!

Will: YES YOU CAN!!!
by Grilltopia June 30, 2009
1235 461
1) Not a fucking stripper name
2) Not a hoe
3) What the fuck were you thinking
4) The first def. is way better

Think I made myself cleaaaar(:
Desiree is not a hoe name, or a stripper name.
by bbyd December 26, 2007
1290 590
The best ever and everyone wants to be her. Light skin beauty that females love to hate
Now thats a Desiree Right There!!
by Hammer's Girl August 10, 2008
1080 463
Usually brunette, very funny. Cool to be around. Awesome friend. Beautiful, sensitive, caring, and a hard worker. Very smart and successful. Desiree comes from the french word "desire." Holla
I desire her. I want to be Desiree.
by Rayven Scarlette February 07, 2010
730 261
A simple girl who loves life. She tries to hard to be good enough for everyone and doesn't spend enough time at looking how good her life actually is. Shes the type of girl that is in love with the idea of falling in love. So when she falls for you , she falls hard.
by desireè jèstùì October 21, 2011
575 172
Synonym for AWESOME.
Movies are Desiree!
by AppleBoss June 29, 2009
674 290