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This is a system that determines how many people from India live in a town or city outside of India. It is the Indian-ness of the city. I personally made this rating myself.

This is similar to the US military defence readiness condition system called the DEFCON system - with ratings from 1 (highest) through 5 (lowest). The word desi (pronounced they-see) is a collquial Hindi word used refer to people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka who live outside of India.

DesiCon 5 - Indians are seen here and there maybe but vanish from sight pretty soon.

DesiCon 4 - Indians can be seen in certain localities and apartments and in the IT departments of corporate America

DesiCon 3 - Indians can be seen in every major low-end retail and grocery store and youngsters can be seen on the roads.

DesiCon 2 - Indians can be seen blasting Hindi music with their windows rolled down as they drive around the city

DesiCon 1 - Indian parents can be seen walking in native clothes and sandals on the roads and not necessarily on the footpath and there are Indian restaurants on every 4 blocks.
Minneapolis is a DesiCon-3 city
by SantoshGeorge August 31, 2009
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