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Dervey, Surname: A Dervey is a beacon of awesomeness. The very word encompasses all that is truly hip about modern-day society. Derveys are hard workers but know how to party. They also like to play banging tunes in their car if ever the opportunity arises. Although very caring and modest, A Dervey is well aware of how exceptional it is but will not allow such things to go to it's head. Eager to aid those in a bind and one of the best people with which to throw down some funky shapes.

Person #1: I think Derveys gonna be there

Person #2: No Shit, Dervey? Really?

Person #1: Yeah dude.

Person #2: I'd totally already bought the popcorn and rented the DVD but NOW I am THERE!
#dervey #derves #dervalicious #dervert #dervacious
by Lady_Cat February 03, 2010
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