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n. An oil drill
Texas oil drills can also be called 'derricks'.
The derrick is owned by the oil company.
by Defiant Blob February 06, 2010
93 101
Derrick is another term for a Prince Albert piercing. It comes from the widely known fact that it has been passed down the Derrick family tree. The first ring ever brought by the first Derrick is always passed down to the first born son, which they then use. No Male with the surname Derrick is complete without a prince albert. This is why a prince albert is called a Derrick.
James - "Have you seen Jordan's Derrick?"

Lewis - "Nah, but I heard it gives extra sensation."
by toadlicker12 June 14, 2011
34 52
Complete zombie loving human being and has a bigger dick than most brandons. also uses the word "word" in every agreement. Is also the biggest asshole in the world.
derrick is so fucking cool. word.
by bladezeta January 04, 2010
124 152
a guy who only cares for himself! and does nothing but use woman for his own satisfactions. a complete idiot! a man who thinks way to highly off himself and has wack ass game and a short penis. derrick is a player,jerk, cocky,irrogent,self absorbed
don't be a derrick-stop using woman!
by get over urself February 09, 2010
99 166
an asshole who thinks only of himself. someone who does not understand the meaning of friendship, who takes people for granted, and will do anything for his own instant gratification.
He's just another Derrick, don't waste you're time!
by any girl who knows him March 29, 2008
371 447
A whiny little bitch who has aids hair.
Dude #1: Hey who's that bald motherfucker?
Dude #2: Don't worry about that aids-hair bitch. It's just derrick.
by cybernubs March 17, 2007
75 202