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He is gorgeous! This man has the most beautiful green eyes with lashes for days. His skin is sweet like carmel candy; He's tall, a height that commands attention and makes women want to bow down. And OMG his lips! Those babies are like the sunset at the beach, you just can't stop looking. Derran is a talented singer/song writer. His voice is so incredible, when he's done singing you'll feel like you just came out if a trance. He's got a heart of pure gold. Derran is absolute perfection.
A new song came on the radio today and I just knew it was Derran! His beauty was pouring through the speakers
#gorgeous #beautiful #sweet #incredible #perfection
by OceanView March 25, 2013
Ugly, annoying person who is very intelligent. Normally classified as a tall boy with black hair. He is also a sensitive person.
Wow look at Derran, he is ugly
#ugly #annoying #derran #deran #lame
by Shawn2010 October 16, 2010
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