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One who insists on posting stupid facebook updates, while masteurbating, explaining his every movement, or feeling during his "Experience". This person also like to shove jellybeans, gummy bears, lollipops and many other things up his or her ass, taking them out, and putting them out for people to eat, acting as if nothing was wrong.

Another thing they like to do, is drive around in a red-neck mobile, with rust everywhere, screaming nigger and shooting their shotguns out the window.

They also love to steal obese children in the night, forcing them to excersize, until they lose enough weight to be considered normal. They are also notorious for their racism, and trolling on the internet, and being huge CoD Faggots or World of Warcraft no-lifes. Most of these faggots own PC's because they can troll behind a screen without revealing their girl voices, and exposing their balls haven't dropped.
Tim is such a derpsack, He was playing WoW all night. Fucking faggot with his level 80 orc mage, who the hell knows what that is?
by Derp Sackathon November 26, 2011
A pokemon loving dumb nut who stays up all night watching a dude hide in some rock with a radioactive Twinkie or watching a cow pee
That kid is a derp sack, he stole my radioactive Twinkie
by Derpsacker December 30, 2010
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