cocain, blow, snort, butta, candy.
"I bought some derns in the club and it made me shit my pants."
by dms123 August 09, 2005
Top Definition
a southern slang for darn
oh dern, he gone done it again
by redneck billybob August 17, 2003
A word used to describe male genitalia of any length and gerth.
She can get the Dern all night long.
by The Dern Lord February 13, 2012
Kind of like darn, only said in situations that aren't as serious as situations that merit the use of darn.
Dern! I accidentally dropped my bologna sandwich in the dishwater.
by Arthur Wellington October 20, 2007
An old person version of "darn"
Dern! My balls are huge and droopy!
by JAMC89 April 29, 2009
A Dude so insanely, disgustingly ugly that if anyone ever witnessed their ugliness, they would turn to gouging their eyes out and hoping for a quick death to eliminate the memory of said face.
Jesus H Christ, please kill me. I think I saw a Dern.
by Thatdude4554 November 29, 2015
slang for cigarette
gangster: yo can i get a dern

thug: word up
by wetfox November 09, 2009
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