Referring to Fag or Fagot
Damn, did you see what he did? He's such a derian.
by Anthony Keidis February 06, 2009
Top Definition
A male who is extremely smart and motivated. Funny with a sarcastic sense of humor. Is often described as "epic" or "legendary". Is usually tall and skinny, but is stronger than you think. Is a great friend and noble ally. Is a sweet guy so is an amazing boyfriend.
Hey see that awesome guy over there? He is totally a Derian
by Vthunder December 11, 2010
A girl who is very unique and creative. She's funny and someone that everybody always wants to be with. She can be shy and somewhat quiet but someone that everybody should try and get to know. If she loves you she will do absolutely anything for you because she's very trusting.
That girl was insane! She's difinitely a Derian.

Did you see her awesome outfit? She's a total Derian!
by crystalbear August 02, 2010
A super hot not-yet-canon pairing in the Glee fanfic Dalton, written by Cp Coulter. Comprised of Julian Larson and Derek Seigerson.
Person One: What's the hottest pairing in Dalton?
Person Two: Ffff. Derian of course.
by YouKnowWho!!! July 02, 2012
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