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Verb: To be stripped of priest-status and have your affiliations with the church severed.

This state of being entirely removes any rights or privileges one would have as a priest and is used to cast out those who would otherwise dishonour the church by assosciation.
i.e. "The two monks who were responsible for the assassination attempt were depriestified in a public ceremony meant to heap shame upon them."

Scholar 1: "The public ceremony was a key part of punishment for high crimes during the medieval period. For example, one would have the flesh stripped by hot pincers, then have a molten lead, sulfur cocktail poured into the open wounds, how horrible!"

Scholar 2: "Quite right my chap, but imagine the pain and anguish that would come with being depriestified in a time where so much relied on your status."

Scholar 1: "Is depriestified even a word?"

Scholar 2: "It is at UW."

Smart Ass Scholar: "I'll put it on Urban dictionary later."

Scholars 1 and 2: "Quite right!"
by Clep October 02, 2010
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