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A word, quote, gesture, look, act, piece of clothing attributed to actor Johnny Depp that is considered "characteristic" or a trait of his.
Wearing hats of all kinds.
Smoking Bali Shag rolled in chocolate papers.
Flipping off the paparrazzi.
Jeans with the knees ripped out.
by Depply Involved November 23, 2004
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the religion for those who praise actor johnny depp, sent by God to start a Revolution in the world of judging people for their place in society.
Not listed in any historical documents, though it was infact invented long before Johnny Depp's birth. Many people in the 1600s who were burned for witchcraft were followers of Deppism.
deppist-> Are you going to the Deppism rally tomorow??
Sucker-> I voted for Brad Pitt for sexiest man alive, wtf do yo think??
deppist-> *tisk* you failure.
by lIllY<3thehacker January 17, 2007
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The censation of the celbrity Johnny Depp
Tryin to kiss him ect....
by Nicolopolis October 16, 2003
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