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An alternate version of the word "deployment". It accurately describes certain deployments that are easy, have minimal danger associated with them, and are typically mocked by the real members of the military (see: Navy, Marine Corps, or Army).
Assignment to Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar is considered a deplayment because:

1) Everyone has a daily ration of three beers a day from the Fox News Sports Bar.

2) The DFAC is open 24 hours a day with good, edible food.

3) There are a number of fast food restaurants available including: Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Burger King, and Dairy Queen.

4) No one carries a firearm (except for MP's), yet occupants of this base receive Hostile Fire Pay/Imminent Danger Pay, Hardship Duty Pay, and Combat Zone Tax Exclusion.

5) Scheduled outings where groups of personnel can go on a tour of different parts of the city and participate in golf tournaments.

6) It's ran by the Air Force.
by Gilfather May 08, 2011

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